To Spend or Not to Spend: Oscar Edition

When you think of the Academy awards red carpet, you think multi million dollar jewelry, diamonds galore, and crazy expensive gowns. What you might not think of is the reasonable retailer and one of my favorites… H&M. Well, Helen Hunt sure did! That’s right, the actress chose the retailer for her red carpet moment and believe it or not, looked astonishingly similar to the look Reese Witherspoon chose, by Louis Vuitton. Quite the price point difference right?! So, what do you think? To spend or not to spend when it comes to the red carpet?



2 responses

  1. Of course when you spend that kind of money, you can tell the difference in fabric. Helen’s dress is very wrinkled. A better quality fabric would not do that unless it is linen, which is supposed to wrinkle. Unless the designer is “loaning” the dress to get the publicity, I would not spend that type of money on a dress. Think of the charitable causes that money could go toward.

  2. She looks like a hot wrinkled mess! What most people fail to realize is that the celebs do not pay for their dresses in most cases. Most of the designers offer to let the celebs wear their clothes to get the plug from them. So worth the LV tag to not look like you just rolled out of bed

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