Inspiration: Cupcakes and Cashmere Book Release

Almost 2 years ago I was browsing the Forever21 website when I stumbled upon their campaign featuring some of their favorite bloggers. I was instantly drawn to the blog titled “Cupcakes and Cashmere”…how could I not? Two of my favorite things rolled into one blog! After one read, I instantly went back and read every one of author Emily Schumans previous entries and have visited her site as part of my morning ritual ever since. Her style is flawless, we share the same taste in food, and she provides amazing interior design tips.

I had also never really thought about blogging before this, but after reading Emily’s story…needing a creative escape and a desire to share her love of all things fashion and fun, I 100% related and my own little blog right here was born! I say all this to A.) encourage you to check out her site {click here} and B.) to purchase her new book available now {click here}! The blogging community is so wonderful and supportive, I felt compelled to share the success of someone I admire and hope that one day this little blog of mine might be half as successful as Emily’s!


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Holiday Cheer

Last night Josh and I did a little tree trimming and I’m so excited for the start of the season, I just had to share some pictures! Including my new favorite ornament… Nothing like a hot pink bug eyes poodle to ring in the season! And stay tuned for gift guides! All kinds of new categories this year! Get ready to SHOP!




Decorating with a Dash of Palm Beach

I have a new growing obsession, interior design. It probably has something to do with our little rental home that needs a swift kick in the design pants. What’s more, is that there is something so exciting about combing through the millions of options and directions you could go, and then letting your style be expressed in the place you feel the most comfortable…home. And in our case there is an added challenge. Since we rent, we cannot paint and it’s senseless to make any additions you can’t take with you. So every now and again I will be posting about my progress in this venture on our sweet little casa!

Growing up a Florida girl I lived and breathed Lilly Pulitzer. Since we are both Palm Beach girls, I naturally feel a tug toward her designs. As expensive as they may be, I was super delighted to discover her collection of things for the home. It will give me some great ideas to pull from. Below are some of my favorites that I’m looking to incorporate the essence of, into our house.

I love the wall paper selection against the bright painted wall. I’m also obsessed with the new trend of the all white chandelier and the all white table set.

This has got to be the happiest couch I have ever seen.

 These bar stools would make a phenomenal pop to any kitchen ensemble.

I really like the contrast of the chic desk and bright walls, paired with the masculinity of the animal print rug. {a fake, is of course a must!}


I love how ‘back in the day’ Florida this bench/coffee table is. So multi purpose!


This is such a classy couch/daybed setup. So old Hollywood.


This end table really reminds me of a Florida home. I just love the esthetics.


Seeing as I’m in love with all of this, yet can barely afford a throw pillow, I have my work cut out for me in just using the ‘idea’! Happy Decorating!

Scents of the Islands

This time of year invokes a certain frustration…the time of year where you almost swap out all your wintery clothes for your bright and summery ones, only to have those hopes DASHED by an unexpected cold weather front. Last week I was sporting a sundress and sandals. Yesterday? Boots and a stinkin scarf. Come on! So in order to try and recover from my deep sadness over the lack of sunshine, sundresses, or any combination of the two, I decided I am going to have to create my own “summer” feel.

Me loathing of cold weather aside, I love love love anything to do with the ocean. I miss it terribly everyday. Take a look at this picture from Coastal Living…brings me joy and yes, those starfish are real. Just looking at this makes me happy.

Strolling through the mall the other day I discovered the tropical scents of Bath & Body Works candles, and let me tell you…they are fabulous! Instant transportation to a tropical oasis. Perfect for getting me through these last grey weeks of winter, and perfect for enhancing the gloriousness of summertime… whenever it finally decides to arrive. Here are my top picks from their Slatkin & Co. collection:

Seaside Escape transports you  to a front porch with an ocean front view

This might be the best coconut scent in a candle ever.

You know how scents can relate to certain memories? Island Nectar transports me to one of my favorite boutiques from when I lived in Palm Beach. I want to have this scent going 24/7!

Fashion in the Kitchen

Since Josh and I got engaged, I’ve been searching for the perfect set of dishes. We didn’t even register for ones cause I never saw any I liked! I’m also just not a fan of fancy ‘china’ so I’ve really struggled with finding trendy, nice dishware.

Well it’s too bad that this line wasn’t out two years ago…. One of my favorite style icons, Rachel Bilson…

…has put her design savvy and trendy spirit to the artistry of fine tableware! Alongside her fabulous fashion column for InStyle magazine, she has now joined forces with Edie Rose to create what will be the cutest addition to your kitchen. Everything from serving pieces to adorable dishes…this set is making me so happy! There are pieces focusing on a few different themes: roses, birds, and my absolute favorite…peacocks! Here are my favorite nuggets from the collection:

Peacock salad plate:

Peacock feather 4 piece place setting:

Peacock teapot:

Rose measuring cups:

Peacock lidded box:

And best of all…it is on sale right now at Macy’s! I think it’s time to save up and jazz up our kitchen! Three cheers that fun dishware has finally arrived!

Dreams of Decor

Currently our living room is a sort of kitchen, dining room, living room combo package. It’s one very long shaped room that has been terribly akward to attempt to decorate. However, amongst the frustrations, I’ve loved trying my best with what I have and dreaming of an actual living room to furnish and decorate one day! I love coming across fun creative ideas to either try to incorporate into our own space, or tuck away for our next home. One thing I’ve been dreaming of are bookshelves and coffee tables. The first, because we do not own a bookshelf, and the second because last night I jammed my knee cap into the corner of our inexpensive metal coffee table. Not to mention the glass top that has been mine and my Windex bottle’s worst nightmare.
The menace:
I would love a coffee table that is not a threat to my well being. I’m loving the old world leather travel trunks. Bonus: opening up to store cozy blankets! This Pottery Barn trunk is gorgeous…expensive, but gorgeous!
I’d love a built in bookshelf to display books of course, but also eclectic collections that I’m promising to start one of these days. Like this idea from Martha Stewart.
I’m also a huge fan of coffee table books. I have an extensive collection of Audrey Hepburn ones, and I love how major designers like Anna Sui are now coming out with beautiful, interresting ones that are both exciting to read, and adorable to display.

Pumpkin Carving!

Josh was gone this whole past week in New Orleans for a seminary class. It was terribly quiet without him around. I was so happy to have him come home last evening and after sleeping in this morning, waking up to pancakes and coffee, we decided on a very fall-ish adventure for the day. Carving a pumpkin!

We ventured out and found this awesome “Sleepy Hollow” style pumpkin:

Josh expertly carved out a nice hole for the wretchedly disgusting “gutting” process, of which shall not be pictured.

After much debate on what to actually carve {topics of debate ranged from an Alabama ‘A’ to a spooky tree, I’ll let you guess who picked what} we decided on a string of fall leaves…

And our finished product! Outside with my not so hot looking mum plant, {I’m discovering I am NO gardener} much hunted after hay stack, and autumn welcome sign….

I have a plan up my sleeve for the little seeds we extracted from this gourd. I want to get the most from that slimy experience!

Falling in Love with Fall

I adore fall. Being born and raised a south Florida girl, seasonal changes still seem to surprise me. I’ll never forget my first Autumn in Birmingham after moving their for work after college. I was driving down this beautiful winding road and something started to fall on my car. I got nervous until I realized they were leaves! I’d never had leaves falling all around me before! Crazy I know, but true.

And don’t even get me started on the clothes of fall! I detest being frigedly cold, but I love being comfortably cool. {it’s a delicate balance} I love leggings, jackets, scarves, and BOOTS! Sigh….I do love boots. 

It is also too perfect that we happen to live on Autumnwood Lane. I adore so much about this season, I decided I had to write about it. {and…this week marked the official beginng of fall!} So follow me on a journey through a few of my favorite things about delightful, magical Autumn…..

There are so many options for decorating this season… Here are a few I’ve added to my collection…
{Home made front door wreath: wicker base, leaf garland, yellow flowers, ta da!}
{I like to call this guy, Frankentooth ~note the tooth~}
{Three plastic leaves from Kirkland’s, strung to our {ugly rental house} chandelier w/brown ribbon}
As clearly stated before, I love the clothes of fall. Here is just one thing I cannot wait to wear… My friend Kelly gave me this gorgeous infinity scarf. Bring on those chilly nights!
A lit candle really makes a house feel like a home. Thanks to my sister in law Carrie discovering this, Walmart 3 wick candles are the best…and cheapest! Mulled Cider is my favorite scent. I also love candles that are just pretty and fun to look at…
Pumpkin patches:
Some of my favorite memories from dating Josh are our fun outdoor times…especially at a pumpkin patch. I can’t wait to carve ours this year!
{this is an old picture…but one of our favorites}
More details to come on each of these topics later… especially fall clothes and…. the beginning of holiday food! I’ve got a few recipes I can’t wait to share… here’s something to get you excited:
{I’ll tell you the secret behind these amazing cupcakes!}
Till next time!