Sprinkles is Back!

Well hello my lovely, long lost readers! I have missed you dearly. I apologize for my absence but please allow me to catch you up! My dear husband and I have packed up and moved to sunny Florida and I also embarked on my most exciting adventure yet…motherhood! I gave birth in December to the most precious little boy, Cannon. He brings us more joy than we ever thought possible. So to say I’ve had my hands full is an understatement, and the future of this blog will probably contain some baby fashion every now and then!


So we are up and running here at Sprinkles on my Stilettos and what better way to get back in gear than with glorious Oscar red carpet coverage! Check back first thing for my top picks! Again, please forgive my absence but I’m ever so thrilled to be back!


Weird Wednesday: The Angry Bird Prince

In honor of the London games, I find it fitting that for this Weird Wednesday I simply share the following picture with you. Prince Harry happily playing a game of table tennis…in an Angry Birds hat. Have a jolly good laugh, and happy Olympics!

{image via PopSugar}

Weird Wednesday: Jubille Souvenirs

With any major celebration, come some majorly weird souvenirs. So it’s only fitting that I conclude my coverage of the Diamond Jubilee with a Weird Wednesday rendition of the craziest items I’ve found that apparently some people are purchasing as part of their celebration.

A Queen ice cream scoop…crown obviously not included.

Don’t we all need royal garden gnomes? I think I might actually.

And I know your life is missing a solar powered waving Queen. Totally green.

{images via the Huffington Post}

Anniversary Joys


Today I celebrate love! Three years ago I was beyond blessed to marry the man of my dreams, my best friend, and my knight in shining armor. Josh brings endless joy to my life and everyday we share together brings more love and laughter than the one before. I can’t wait for all the adventures we have yet to experience! So here’s to my prince charming!


Weird Wednesday: The Cookie Monster Mani

I have a major affinity for super out there manicures. Crazy colors, weird patterns, and more glitter than a kindergarten classroom…that’s how I like them! I just never thought one of my options would be to create little fuzzy Sesame Street characters on my nails. But that’s exactly what one of the authors over at XOJane came up with. You guessed it…a cookie monster manicure {complete with googly eyes}! Yes, it does not get much weirder than this…


{image via Refinery29}

Weird Wednesday: Insanely Expensive DIY

Unless you’ve been hiding under a proverbial fashion rock {Tiffany’s of course} you have undoubtedly heard of the crazy expensive Hermes Kelly bag. It’s the ultimate status bag. That is if your status says that you like to spend more on accessories than motor vehicles. But it’s beyond gorgeous nonetheless. So if you are so lucky to come into possession of one of these incredible bags, you would cherish and protect it like it was your own child, am I right? Of course! Well not the creators of this DIY project. They turned this beautiful piece of craftsmanship into a wall clock! I know, say whaaa?! Crazy town indeed.


Weird Wednesday: Easter Candy Edition

My best friend Kimmy and I have had an obsession with Cadbury Creme Eggs since middle school. Every year since then, even though we live miles apart, we will text each other a pic of our favorite holiday candy when we spot the first ones of the season! The chocolate…the sweet inside…it is utter perfection! So why mess with perfection? Well I guess it wouldnt’ be Weird Wednesday without messing with the normal. Someone totally got the bright idea to devil a Cadbury Creme Egg. Now there’s nothing gross about this…that’s just butter cream icing dyed a bright yellow and covered in red sugar sprinkles. If you feel so inclined to created this recipe this weekend, you can find the details here. For me, I think I’ll just stick with the classic!

{image via Daily Mail}

Weird Wednesday: Unicorn Awkwardness

Every little girl dreams about owning a unicorn. Oh what? Was that just me? And yes I understand they are mythical creatures, but that doesn’t change the fact I still think they are pretty cool. I never however wanted to know what their gas smells like. Yes, I said it…gas. Someone has bottled that scent into none other than a chapstick. {found on this ETSY shop} Why? I have no idea. Weird? Absolutely.


Rachel Roy for Macy’s

If you’ve been reading my little blog, you know I am slightly obsessed with big designer colabs with affordable stores. So last weekend when I strolled through Macy’s with my hubby, I nearly passed out when I saw the Rachel Roy sign! I mean, what rock had I been hiding under that I had not heard about this?! I’ve been drooling over Rachel’s designs in the big magazines for a long time, so being able to actually afford some of her pieces makes me just giddy. She designs with a mixture of modern edginess and classic flare. The dresses, the tops, and the quirky pants…I love it all. Shop the entire collection here. Here are some of my favorites… Are you as excited as I am about the newest incredible colab?



Valentine Treats

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Outside of Christmas, this is my favorite holiday! But alas, it’s not a lot like Christmas where people do a lot of prep. So, are you looking for some last-minute ideas, or perhaps you are just looking for something fab to treat yourself this special day! Which I fully think every girl should do! This day is about celebrating love, happiness, and let’s be honest…all things PINK! Here are a few things I’ve either received from someone special, or I have purchased for myself just to brighten my day. So don’t forget those you love this Val-day, and don’t forget to treat yourself as well!



1.) Hot pink blazer H&M {similar here}

2.) Paris Amour body lotion, Bath & Body Works

3.) Revlon nail polish in Flirt

4.) Betsy Johnson perfume

5.) Frosted Cupcake candle Bath & Body Works

6.) Hot Tamales candy