Loco for Lipstick

I’ve recently decided that there is nothing more wonderful than a really fantastic shade of lipstick. It can brighten the gloomiest of days, perk up the dullest of outfits, and the list just goes on and on. I by no means think of myself as an expert on the lipstick subject, nor do I have a beyond fascinating collection. I do however, have a few shades that I love and adore and thought it would be fun to share them with you! One thing I do like about my current collection, is the diversity. I have shades that a rockstar would love, as well as shades Princess Kate herself I feel would stop and ask me who makes it. {ok, maybe that last part is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the general idea…or perhaps dream} And tell me, what are your favorite “go-to” shades?


{from left to right}

{Revlon Strawberry Suede, Revlon Berry Haute, MAC Pink Nouveau, MAC Hopscotch, MAC Myth}


Classy, Classic Shades

My Ray Bans are without a doubt the favorites in my shade collection. A combination that they are from my sweet husband, the fact that they are PINK, and how I really do love the quality and style of the Ray Band brand, are all reasons to make them fabulous.

I was super excited to discover Ray Band’s less than sporty style, and in fact quite glamorous, with the “Jackie Ohh” shade. All the quality of Ray Band with the super high fashion look of that classic over-sized shade. Love!



{image via Ray-Ban.com}

Peanut Butter Bliss


I figured it was high time for a little “sprinkles” on my stilettos… A recipe I mean! Thanks to the ever popular
Pinterest, I came across this dangerously simple recipe for peanut butter cookies. The danger part comes in the fact that you probably have all the ingredients in your cabinets right now. Oh, and did I mention they are the easiest things in the world to make?! It’s just 4 simple little ingredients! You will go from zero to cookie heaven in just a matter of minutes!

Weird Wednesday: Mood Makeup

Remember mood rings? Those quirky little baubles that are supposedly able to shift colors with your changing moods. Well the not typically weird {quite amazing usually} store Lush has come up with what is essentially a beauty line of “mood makeup”. No, there’s no lipstick that changes colors if you get angry {although how crazy cool would that be?!} but these are all shades you are supposed to spin some wheel and decide which few will apply best to your life. Pay no matter to what will math your wardrobe, just how you aim to feel. A little hocus-y pocus-y if you ask me. I think I’ll just stick to Lush’s phenomenal bath bombs and super sudsy soaps. Oh yeah, and my daily collection of pink lipsticks. That basically always fits my mood anyway!


{image via Refinery29}

Girlie Girl with an Edge

I am the quintessential girlie girl. All things pink and glittery 99.9% of the time. With that said, there is always an off-chance that I just want to go in a little different direction. There is something so chic about a tough shoe. Enter this fabulous little number from ShoeMint (the monthly shoe club from Rachel Bilson), the Sidney Moto Boot. Sure it might look like you are ready to jump on a Harley, but I love it for the juxtaposition qualities it holds. Pair with skinny jeans and a sweet pink top, or even a fun maxi skirt and denim jacket….the options are endless to keep you looking girlie, but without venturing too into My Little Pony land. {which I still love}

{images via ShoeMint}

Mani Monday


My sweet and ever so fashionable friend Kelly bought me the most fabulous new shade of nail polish… I had to share it with you! Who knew Banana Republic made crazy cool polish colors? I sure didn’t! This emerald shade is nothing short of perfection. Bright and fun enough to wear during the summer months, and rich and vibrant enough for the crispest of fall days.


{image via Banana Republic}

Scents of Summer

I don’t often write about perfume…perhaps because it’s a little hard to convey the fabulosity of a scent through words. When I stumbled upon Lilly Pulitzer’s Squeeze perfume this weekend in a department store, I knew I at least had to give it a shot! I am pretty simple when it comes to perfumes…I’m not sensitive, I like most everything, but I don’t ever really love any particular one. But Squeeze was like the most fresh burst of summer I had ever experienced! The citrus and floral mixture is done to perfection, so perfect in fact I think you would still be able to wear it well into the fall season.

{image via unlimitedperfumes.com}

Weird Wednesday: Astro Turf Nails

I love how so many Weird Wednesdays are born from a wacky and out of the park nail “art” design. Today’s is so out of the park there was no doubt this had to trump all other possibilities for this week’s topic. While this look is definitely creative, I think this look would not be very functional and secondly, just looks a little creepy! Sort of reminds me of monster nails… I must say, as of late I have been all about the funky nail art designs but I think I will have to pass on the astro grass.

{image via Refinery29}

The Coach Mini Willis Collection

For quite some time now I have been obsessing over the Celine bag that one of my favorite bloggers, Blaire Eadie, loves to sport. {see above} So when I spotted the new Mini Willis collection from Coach, I about squealed with delight at how similar the two are! I love the classic style, combined with the convenience of the extra long strap. It is truly a timeless bag!

and I love adore the inside…

I also love the various happy colors they come in…

{images via Atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com & Coach}

Weird Wednesday: YSL & Facebook

I love to discuss a good collaboration. From brands merging with major stores, to movies inspiring a nail polish collection, it always excites me. Today’s topic however, I just can’t fully get behind. YSL has partnered with none other than Facebook to create an eye shadow palette inspired by the social media giant. It will be going on sale tomorrow to none other than people on the YSL Facebook page {clearly}. I actually adore the color selection, but I think I might have to peel the Facebook label off the front. That’s just a little too far for me! What do you think?

{image via InStyle}