The Must Have Fall Tote

It’s no secret that I love the Coach brand. I even worked for them for a short time after college. {SO fun and might I add!}. While the bags are yes, priced high…it just makes you more appreciative of a good online sale, a Christmas present, or even a trip to the outlets. The quality of the bags are great, and they are completely timeless. Now while my personal bags are mostly on the neutral side…yes I do consider pink a neutral so for anyone who knows my bag collection, that particular bag is now explained. 🙂 So even though I gravitate towards the more simple when making my own purchases, I am completely head over heels in love with the latest tote collection from this fabulous brand. The “Colorblock Candace” is their latest creation and it just screams everything that IS fall perfection! While it does come in a wonderful array of neutral colors, I am mostly drawn to the few that are a little more out of the box.

{images via Coach}


The Coach Mini Willis Collection

For quite some time now I have been obsessing over the Celine bag that one of my favorite bloggers, Blaire Eadie, loves to sport. {see above} So when I spotted the new Mini Willis collection from Coach, I about squealed with delight at how similar the two are! I love the classic style, combined with the convenience of the extra long strap. It is truly a timeless bag!

and I love adore the inside…

I also love the various happy colors they come in…

{images via & Coach}

The Audrey Collection from Coach

Perhaps it’s my Florida girl roots, or just the fact I work under fluorescent bulbs…but about this time of year I long for the beauty of the ocean. The sites, the smells, even the feel of sand beneath my feet. I love every grain! My beach lover style has evolved throughout the years as I’ve moved farther away from a coast and gotten a little too old for my Roxy t-shirts. However, my favorites in fashion will always go back to the colors of being seaside, light fabrics, and the ease and simplicity of a day at the beach. When Coach introduced their new Audrey collection, I about jumped for joy when I discovered the beach themed accessories. The totes especially are making me dream of long days by the sea and I cannot get enough of the incredible colors and detailing! {view the entire collection here}

{images via}

Captured by Coach

I really, really love Coach. Their bags are so classic, their perfumes are amazing, and their jewelry is fabulous! They truly have their finger on the pulse point of all things wonderful in the fashion industry.  I l-o-v-e jewelry, and more specifically bangles {like I talked about last week} And as far as baubles go, Coach is right up there in my line of favorites. Everything in their collection is pretty wonderful, but my obvious favorite is this little bangle set:

You could literally wear these every single day, thanks to the silver, gold, and rose tones. And they are so simple yet stunning, you can sport them alone, or paired with an array of other bracelets. I think I’ve found the first addition to my Christmas wish list!

Sweet Scents

I love perfume. A scent can completely seal in a memory or define the mood for your day. I don’t leave the house without at least a few spritzes. My range of likes are about as broad as they come so I thought I would share my list of favorites, and I’ll hopefully surely hit on one you will enjoy too!

At the top of the list is the classic Juicy Couture. My sweet man gave it to me for Christmas one year and then I wore it on our wedding day. It holds great memories and is just the perfect light, airy and romantic scent.

My favorite one right now to wear everyday is Poppy from Coach. It is perfect for work, play, shopping, anything!

Jessica Simpson’s Fancy is quite possibly the greatest of the floral scents.

I fell in love with Carolina Herrera’s perfume while in college. It’s super sweet, fun, and embodies everything girlie.

I’m all about changing it up for the different seasons and I l-o-v-e Gwen Stefani’s LAMB for a muskier, more autumn aura.

*If you are interested in purchasing any of these from the Ulta store, pick up the latest copy of InStyle Makeover magazine and find a coupon for $5 off a $10 or more purchase! Happy shopping!*

Coach Classics

Everyone loves a classic. Classic movies, classic designs, classic cars, and classic handbags! Some just stand the test of time, and this is more than true with the “Coach Classics” line. Old is new again with the revival of strong structures, bold and neutral colors, and complete design perfection. Trends are fun, but if you are looking for a piece to really invest in, classics are always a great way to go. Here are some of my favorites but you can view the full collection here.

Find that Look: Emma Watson

First off, let me welcome you to the new and improved! That’s right friends, you can now reach this site via .com! Also, you’ll notice there are now tabs of categories at the top to help you get right to what you are looking for. Lot’s of exciting things are on the horizon so make sure you check back often! Now on with today’s topic…

It’s not breaking news that Miss Emma Watson has been seen in every magazine from here to Tim Buck Two due to the release of the newest Harry Potter installment. {seen here} And maybe it’s that very fact that she is seen so often that has led me to become utterly obsessed with her smart style. The girl can rock a red carpet, and as we will see with today’s outfit, has mastered chic and comfy. Outside of my desire to always live in something sparkly, my other desire would be to live and breathe comfy chic, so I am an avid student of this art.

First let’s start with the t-shirt. Every girl needs an army of classic and comfy white t-shirts in her closet. My trick? Whenever I see a good one on sale, I snatch it up, whether I need it or not. Cause let’s be honest, I’m slightly clumsy and will inevitably mess it up one day and will want plenty of back up. Also, white shirts are known to get dingy beyond the help of bleach, so stock up when you can and you can thank me later. My favorite brands include Victoria’s Secret, Gap, and Splendid. Steer clear of anything too tight, and too thick. The key is easy breezy.

{Victoria’s Secret. Outside of white, I also own many of these other colors. Quite literally the perfect T.}

Next up is that adorable sweater. Maybe I’m just super cold natured, but every girl also needs a comfy sweater that isn’t an old nasty hoodie. {nothing wrong with those and heaven knows I own them, they just don’t scream chic!} I found a similar cardigan to Emma’s here but I also own and love ones from Anthropologie {great ones always end up on their sale rack, just dig dig dig!} and La Rok has super cozy ones as well.

Nothing is more versatile to girl’s wardrobe than a well fitting pair of black yoga pants. If you get the right style, possibly with some back pockets, or other stylistic flair to them, it will help it look more like an outfit and less like a trip to the gym. In order to not cross into that territory, your best bet is to go with a higher priced line, like Anthropologie. {remember, wait for the great sales!} If you don’t have any luck there, Victoria’s Secret ones always fit great, as do Old Navy, just remember, the Navy tends to favor our more petite friends so if you are on the tall side, steer clear unless you want some serious high waters.

And last but certainly not least, is that adorable cross body bag. It’s so old school classic leather and I love it. The style of Emma’s reminds me of the Coach Classics Collection from Net-A-Porter. Looking for a more affordable option? Check this one out from Khols. The long strap is perfect for an on the go day, and the color goes with everything.

So there you have it, options for the perfect chic and comfy outfit. Happy shopping!

Candy Shop Bags

I have recently been in a purse dilemma. My hubby and I were in a car accident a few months ago. No one was injured badly, but sadly I cannot say the same for my fabulous Coach bag which was terribly ruined. Since then I have been on the hunt for a replacement of some sort. I really need to find a bag that would work whether I was wearing black or brown. However, the rainbow of colorful bags that have been popping up everywhere have really made me want to invest in something a little more exciting. Super bright and colorful bags are all the rage, and like a pack of Lifesavers, you can’t pick just one! Here are some of my faves.

This MARC by Marc Jacobs bag is at the top of my list

Coach is always good for a colorful array!

Coach, love the lilac color!

This Tory Burch is so sun kissed summer.

This Ted Baker bag is so happy!

Coach just seems to “get” a summer bag. Perfection!

Happy shopping!!