JCrew: Italian Shoe Collection

Nothing says springtime more than floral prints, bright colors, sparkles and jewels! The new JCrew Italian shoe collection embodies all that we love about spring fashion in just a handful of shoes. The price point is much more than most of us will spend updating our spring wardrobes, but it sure is some fantastic eye candy! Also terrific inspiration for your wardrobes!






images via jcrew.com


To Spend or Not to Spend: Pave Link Bracelet

It’s no secret that I love a good arm party…i.e.: TONS of bracelets. The more the merrier! So that means I’m always on the hunt for a new little addition to my arm party family. Recently I have spotted the most fabulous pave diamond cut link bracelets on the most fashionable ladies out there. They pair them with watches, other bracelets, or even just by themselves for a classy, fancy night out. I love it! However, they tend to be a little pricy…take for instance this gorgeous piece from Azaara…coming in at a mere $963.00.

I found this JCrew piece, and while still expensive, it’s at least in the “special present” price range. And it’s almost even more gorgeous! From a distance it appears to sparkle a million times over. I am so in love with this bracelet! It truly has stunning craftsmanship for “costume jewelry” and hey…let’s not forget that JCrew loves to throw a good sale. So keep your fingers crossed!

{images via JCrew and Endless}

To Spend or Not to Spend: Gold Ballet Flats

Do you ever go on a crazy little kick looking for one specific clothing or accessory item? You know you’ve seen it around a million places, a million times over, but once YOU actually want to purchase said item, it’s nowhere to be found. Well that very thing happened to me this past weekend. For my birthday {yay!} my sweet hubby, aside from other amazing gifts, wanted me to pick out something as we went shopping and out to eat last Friday. After spotting these whoa expensive flats from JCrew, I decided to look for a pair of my own, at a smaller price point. Simple, gold, ballet flats. No big deal right? Wrong! I hunted high and low for what you would think is a simple shoe to find, and after exhausting every shoe store, department store, and even the great mecca that is DSW, I found a pair…one single pair…at none other than Payless! They are super comfy and the perfect flat. {not too much sole, not too much elastic} Plus the added bonus of the adorable bow on the heel just seals the deal for me!

To Spend:


Not to Spend:


My Pot of Gold

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Who doesn’t love a holiday that allows it be socially acceptable to drench yourself head to toe in one fabulous color. And if you don’t? You’ll get pinched! Whoever came up with that I would like to high-five. What sort of adventures will you be getting into this weekend? Whether Irish, or just Irish at heart, I wish you lots of fun! Now what sort of friend would I be if I didn’t leave you with a little outfit inspiration for this lovely weekend? Here are some fun bits and pieces to help you pull together your own glittery weekend look!

What to Wear… For Him!: Thanksgiving

I’m so excited to do my first “what to wear” post for guys! Thanks to my friend Hayden for pointing out the need for such a post! He was also nice enough to supply a few tips for this post! I’m so excited to share my findings with you….to share with the men in your life.

For guys during the fall, a great outfit starts with a stunner of a sweater. It can make the simplest of shirts stand out. There are a slew of color varieties in this one but I love this color…perfect for fall!


Speaking of sweaters…I adore the neckline of this style. It’s not too over the top cowl neck, but just enough added “oomph” and the front pocket keeps it from crossing over into Mr. Rogers land.


Sometimes I find it hard to find interesting styles of pants for guys. Outside of jeans khakis, and dress pants, there doesn’t always seem to be a huge variety. That is until I stumbled across this pair. I love the plaid lining and how you can sport them rolled ever so slightly to reveal that pattern! I would just NOT recommend sporting them with the same clown shoes as the model in this pic. Think some sleek loafers instead.


I, along with many others, are all about the plaid this season. I love a good plaid shirt, but don’t love a guy looking like the Brawny paper towel guy. So how do you avoid such a travesty? You sport this sleek button up. The colors are perfect for this fall flavored holiday. {just don’t wear it with this hat…I mean, what is with these dude models?!}


And lets not forget a toasty jacket… Nothing is better than an awesome black number to finish off your outfit. This one is a major stunner…the look of a leather jacket without the “Fonz” feel.

Happy shopping boys! {and girls shopping for those boys!}

Still Dreaming of NYFW

New York Fashion Week was incredible. Even experiencing it from the comfort of my own home, it was stellar! I love how so much of both the runway and the street style from the week, I want to incorporate in my wardrobe. When it comes to fashion, I always love to be surprised. I like having my mind changed on a trend that I perhaps at first was not too fond of. {i.e.: these} I also love it when I’m surprised by a designer or in this case, design house, that was not on my top list of favorites. Case in point: JCrew. They are perfect for so many staple pieces, but as far as looking to them for entire outfits, or building my wardrobe, I just never felt it. I’m not terribly preppy…I hope I incorporate all trends evenly… But with that said,  JCrew’s Spring 2012 collection has completely blown me away, along with the rest of the fashion community. There are so many outfits, so many individual pieces, so many accessories, just so many everything! Here’s a look at some of my favorites from the lookbook via style.com. It was even difficult to narrow it down to this many. Love! Love! Love!

Starting w/ my absolute favorite…

Bangle Bangle Bangle

It’s no secret that I l-o-v-e jewelry. That old saying of, “before you walk out the door, look at your accessories and take something away”, I completely disagree with! I say, the more the merrier! I indeed like to follow the more is more mentality when it comes to piling on the baubles in the morning. I love layering pieces, especially pieces that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be paired together. One of my favorite things to layer are bracelets. There are quite literally millions of options and they really don’t have to all match either. The more color, style and structure, the more fun! And they come in all price ranges from under 5 dollars at Forever 21, to some über fabulous bangles from oh so glamorous Hermes. Like I said, you can find fabulous bracelets just about anywhere so you really don’t need my help, but I still compiled a mini collection of some of my favorites. Remember, the more the merrier!

Forever 21


Kate Spade

Dylan’s Candy Bar

{Yes, the famous Dylan’s Candy bar has jewelry. Meet my new obsession!}


Urban Outfitters

Happy shopping!

JCrew Goes High Fashion

I love JCrew for staple pieces, but I’m not usually one to search there regularly for a new outfit. Well, all of that might be about change. The classic prepster line is teaming up with high fashion label Prabal Gurung. This designer has been dressing some of the biggest celebrities and creating some of the most coveted pieces. Their new partnership with JCrew {which begins next week} brings some of these ultra high fashion pieces into grasp. I love how over the top the detailing on each piece is. Be sure to check out JCrew’s next week when the line comes out and until then, here are some of my favorites from the collection so far.

{photos courtesy of refinery29}